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‘Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase that perfectly describes the cutthroat world of Communications. It’s an ever changing, extremely competitive field that demands constant improvement and superior results. We at Channel 7 Communications have proved to be more than up to that challenge. At Channel 7, we offer peace of mind to our valued clients; being a full service agency that offers in-house services to carry a concept from conception to execution. In addition to that,

we also provide specialized PR, Digital and Event Management services.

Why should you trust Channel 7 with your brand, you ask? Well, let us answer in three simple points:

First – Channel 7 has over 28 years of experience working with the best and biggest commercial and governmental clients. Second – We have above 150 valued clients (giving us more than adequate experience with diversity.) Third – Our team consists of over 100 highly skilled employees across Pakistan who will always be here to get your desired message across.

Once you’re with Channel 7 you can put your mind at ease; being a full service agency, we offer in house services that will make sure your message reaches from conception to execution, all under one roof.


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